Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Tuesday Craigslist Missed Connections Jan 09

Observations this week... Any LA Fitness gym in Atlanta or Miami is guaranteed to be a terrifying world, with men constantly flashing their c*cks at each other in the sauna. This is what the adverts lead me to believe anyway. Also, chicks dig men in Ford F150 and F250 trucks. So there you go, a top tip. Join LA Fitness if you like boys, buy a Ford truck if you like girls.

Love yourself, you're f*cking fantastic.
Every morning - w4m - 99 (Watercloset)
Every morning I pass and I see you. Tall, dark, handsome, a bit of a "five o'clock shadow, dreamy/sleepy eyed, God!, just so hot and steamy! I fix us some breakfast, rub all over, and then I realize I'm looking at myself in the mirror and it's time to wake up and go to work. I'll call me sometime. Maybe I can hook up. Maybe even give myself some money or take me somewhere nice.

Pirate dating. Aaaaarrggghhhh.
Joes on juniper - m4m - 27
i was sitting to your 3 o'clock wearing grey. you had an eyepatch. i went to give you my number when everyone was leaving, but alas all i have now is craigslist.

In these modern times, should a Haiku really be limited to a certain number of syllables? This person says not. And I support that. This is a Haiku FOR THE PEOPLE. Take that, elitist scummers.
I Wrote a haiku For You..........
Every week for the entire month of January.....Youve had a body ache of some sort and so have I. I dont' know when we can see each other again...... I never worry you wont be back around one day.....if only in my dreams one day to make me smile.

This is a first! A cup of coffee has placed a post on Craigslist, looking for it's previous owner. Please, I just want to feel your steelius grip on my smooth cardboard skin. Mmmmmm oooooo. Yeah more sugar.
Rice Coffee House [Paul?] - m4m - 22 (Rice University)
You: tall, durty blonde, striking features. man.
Me: tall, skim latte, double shot, hazlenut flavor.
You wore a pink hat with a white fuzz ball. It read "Tim," but i think your name is Paul. Do you remember me? After midnight you walked downstairs to the bar and I followed you. You smiled at me. I was wearing the red sweater vest.
Rice Coffee House [Paul?] - m4m - 22 (Rice University)

His pen1s can juggle 4 oranges. Seriously, it's awesome.
South beach saturday nite - m4m
To the man who stood by me at the urinal and gave me a little show - thanks! Would love to see more of you sometime.

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