Friday, 30 January 2009

Craigslist Missed Connections Thursday and Friday - Miami and Atlanta

Hello, here are some more missed connections, some quite good ones today! Actually, some are from yesterday, but who's counting.
I don't want the poor guy to be too sad, but I don't think he's going to get his CD back...
CARLENA MC - m4w - 36 (atlanta)
we met around 2002 I drove a blue Tahoe we lost contact after you changed jobs from the mall and moved, also do you still have the Usher cd that I gave you?

I had to look up to see what Rosacea was, sounds painful. And yet I laughed when he said his underpants hurt.
Rosacea romance - m4m - 19 (Smyrna CVS)
You were in line for your Rosacea medicine and so was I. We looked at each other. The look bore the pain of two true Rosacea sufferers looking for relief. My Rosacea is so severe that my underpants hurt when I dance. Want to get together? Tell me what I was humming as I ogled you.

Holy f*ck, what a night it must have been! A shattered anus and not even a phone number to show for it.
Lookin' for D'andre Hawkins - m4m - 43 (clearlake)
We were coworkers at a warehouse on the east side. You perfortated my colon.

I don't like to laugh at the way people look, but I look like a trout so I'm allowed to. And it makes me feel big. Cowgirl? Really?
Where is my Cowgirl ? - m4w - 30 (Sugarland)
I tried to email and send pics, but the server kept sending it back to me. Hope this will work, its my last resort in finding you!

I mean honestly, did this happen? Why the hell aren't they hanging around in my town? F*cking repressed British people, I should move.
you exposed yourself at sherlocks pub parking lot - m4w - 27 (Humble)
I was walking toward my car when you and your boyfriend pulled up and you had your legs opened with no panties and your br*asts were exposed, you asked me if I liked what you see, and I replied yes, you told me you wanted to see my c*ck, but i was hesitant because your boyfriend was there too watching, I walked to your side of the car and took it out for you to see, and you started m*sterbating and told me to stroke it, so i did. when you reached out to touch me your boyfriend stepped on the gas and you took off. It was really exciting and if you read this and want to try it again , email me.


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