Monday, 19 January 2009

Monday Craigslist Missed Connections

Soap-sniffing is the new speed-dating.
Pier One, Ansley Mall Sunday - m4m - 50 (Ansley Mall)
We sniffed soap bars are very enigmatic.....

I want to marry my Dentist - m4w (Buckhead)
I'm so insanely into my Dentist that it's crazy! Holy hell. I'm looking into getting my teeth checked/cleaned every 2 weeks now, rather than every 6 months. Thanks, Doc! I'll be seeing you soon!

Does the 'special drink' contain Rohypnol? And has any man ever scored a girl by telling them their daughter is hot?
Looking for hot Duck - 51 (L'ville)
Never knew "the Duck" had so many beutiful women,hopeing to find hot mom who was with hot daughter! Bartender smytine by your beauty at your company party on Saturday night. Would love to talk you more,you have a fun outlook on life to go with that hot body. Hope you see & get back to me. Love to make you another of my special drink.

Genius. I have so many questions. Is Intersection lubing the new thing? Lubed standing at the intersection or in a car? Why would you be lubed in a car? Why would you be lubed at an intersection?
Roswell Rd. Inserection - m4m - 38
We played were lubed up..would like to get together soon.

Coming on pretty strong I reckon, although that could just be me...
Your Dekalb Farmers Market - w4m - 25
I saw you on Saturday afternoon. You were eating alone at the hot bar then we ran into each other in the dairy section. I love you. Hold me?

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