Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Tuesday Craigslist Missed Connections

I'm feeling particularly childish today. I even sniggered at one ad that mentioned 'boobie', it's becoming a concern. But hey! Loads to check! A mix of Atlanta and some place in South Carolina...

Possible newspaper headline 'Local butcher tried to sell produce in gym'. I like that there seem to be Craigslist regulars! Funny, and yet terrifying. Wait a minute, I read it each day. O sh1t.
re: hot black male at LAF Toco around 1:30 - m4m
LOLThat same dude was at LAF Buckhead around 4:30pm - shaved head, green pants - trying to wave his meat in the sauna and showers. Only thing was, LAF Buckhead was full of fat guys and trolls at that time.

I'm a child, it shouldn't make me laugh but it did. I'm sorry.
Handy Man - m4w
Any body need there plumbing serviced. I make service calls. North Ga, Cherokee,cobb.

Recommended car repairs and servicing agent in Charleston.
BJ outside Voodoo Lounge - m4w - 27 (JI)
you: gorgeous Asian chick--we made eye contact--went outside--you serviced me in my car THEN YOU SPLIT! I couldn't find you the rest of the night--would love to hook up again

Seriously, I'm like 5 years old. Anything mentioning cable is funny.
Cable Guy - m4m - 25
Recently installed my cable, you were very nice and cute with a firm handshake. Get back to me if you remember me.

Underwear-free salmon smuggler spotted. Reward for capture.
Fisherman - m4m - 45 (Summer's Bend dock )
I know the chances of you reading this are slim to none but I'm getting hard just thinking of you and writing this. You were on the dock fishing and we talked about fishing for awhile. You hooked me for sure. I could tell you were not wearing underwear and you are large in the crouch. I think you caught me looking?

It seems so normal... Chat in a rest area, have a w@nk in front of another dude.
Rest Area - m4m
You and I talked at the rest area and you jerked off for me. Tell me what kind of hat I was wearing. Would like to hook up.

blip - 66 (charleston)
blip blip

How many different types of fr1cking beans are there? Beans?? Seriously? He was hunting for her bean. Sorry again, that was crap.
Price Wise - m4w (Hanahan)
You were the chick stocking! I asked you where the beans were... what kinda beans was i looking for?

Best name for a pig EVER. And how many people have pet pigs I ask??
Moe's Rutledge Ave. - m4m - 23 (Downtown Chas., SC)
I saw you and your two friends eating lunch today at Moe's. You were the one wearing shorts and the white T-shirt with circles on the top right shoulder. You had an iPhone. We made eye contact a couple times and I felt a connection. I've never got on craigslist b4, but heard y'all talkin about it and thought i'd give it a try. Overheard your friend talkin about a pet pig. I have a pet pig. His name is Wilbur. Tell me what I was wearing, or just drop me a line!

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