Monday, 26 January 2009

Monday Craigslist Missed Connections

A new week begins, and this week the theme is... Nude yoga. Nude yoga seems to be the place for men to gaze up other mens' bums while shifting energy around their body. But not to the pen*s of course, that would just be embarassing.

The regular response poster 'Asshpol1s' wrote the below post. I can't help but think he may have a point.
nude yoga missed connections (Assholopolis)
If you can go to a gay nude yoga "class" and still not have the nuts to talk to that other naked gay guy sitting next to you, maybe it is time to reconsider your commitment to the c0ck.

The bendiest, most flexible gang-bang in history.
Cirque Du Soleil - m4m - 23 (Atlantic Station)
Any/Every male performer in Cirque Du Soleil. Sneak away from rehearsal sometime! White young top here.

Hairy ankles. One of the stranger turn-ons I've heard this week.
Mexican dude at Fellini's Pizza Roswell Road - m4m - 27
I was having lunch today 11:30 and you were folding pizza boxes. You were wearing low cut dark orange (?) chucks and low cut white socks. Your hairy ankles and short pants caught my eye and - to tell the truth - gave me a b0ner. You smiled a lot. What you don't know is that I would have willingly gone into the bathroom with you and s*cked you dry.

Ahhhhh. Everything is cute when you're in love. Like lifting up a butt cheek to fart on the bus. Ahhhhhhhhh...
Met you farting on the bus - m4m - 21 (Atlanta)
You: blonde and slight;y cross eyed. You were listening to your Ipod and farting to the beat. The other riders were upset but I dug the way you lifted your cheek and let those farts sneak. Tell me what you were listening to? Thanks, Sniffer.

This is a post that was written for EVERY SINGLE MAN this Friday and Saturday night.
Saturday night bar hopping - m4m (EAV)
Sorry for being inappropriate. I don't drink that much that often and I don't want you to think that was indicative of my normal behavior. I'm actually a pretty reserved person, in that regard. Anyway, I enjoyed meeting you and hope to see you around again sometime.

And finally, romance isn't dead. It's just been brought up to date to include an@l-tearing.
aquarium - fist bitch - m4m - 35 (ATL)
you: s&p curly hair, thin, not sure of the rest since you're usually face down me: black buzzed hair, built, thick dick, big hands, hard fucker saw you at the aquarium saturday about 3 p.m. haven't seen you in a while. know you like my dick and the way i work over your hole. okay, maybe i'm a bit aggressive when i'm almost FFing you. write me back and we'll meet up at the place where i do your hole.

Who the hell is this written too?? 30,000 people across Atlanta are squeezing their groins in anticipation.
I know you like it
I used to love being the chick in hand cuffs... but it would seem we will be switching roles soon... dont worry, I will bring the blindfold... I know you like it

This is a pretty awesome post. Do get to the end. It just shows, b*stards get their b@lls licked.
You flipped me off at Noe and 17th - m4m - 45 (castro / upper market)
My car had just been vandalized in a shocking and unsettling way and I was on my way to the police station to report the incident. I was also lighting a cigarette when I pulled out into the intersection, and at the last minute realized that you and a friend were crossing the street. Thankfully you were both paying attention and stopped several feet short. Knowing myself to be entirely at fault, I shot you an "I'm sorry" look and held up my hands in a gesture universally understood to convey apology. You responded with a one-fingered salute. Of course, you were under no obligation to accept my apology, but I wonder what it must be like to have a flawless record of mistake-free driving that entitles you to be so self-righteous.

But you were also very cute and I will be happy to provide an apology blow job.

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