Tuesday, 20 January 2009

On Wednesday we visit Miami...

I'm trying to explore the more interesting towns in Craigslist, tomorrow we'll have a look at Miami. Holy sh1t the streets of Miami must flow with cum, these people are grubby. Actually that's not fair. The people from Miami that post on Craiglist are grubby. And I love them for it.

A taster...

I mean really? And this is a tame one compared to some!
hot bear bartender PJ's - m4m - 30 (Ft Lauderdale)
to the hot bartender at PJ's bar, I see those big b@lls swinging, and I snuck a peek at you pissing(thank god for open windows)nice thick c0ck, I want you realy bad!!!! let me know if your interested.

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