Friday, 16 January 2009

Craigslist Missed Connections - The Beginning

The yanks know Craigslist, but for the rest of you...

Craigslist is a posting website, where anyone can sell what they like, advertise for love (i.e. find a hooker), find a place to live or whatever. The Missed Connections section is for missed encounters, so if you saw someone you fancied in Wallmart, you can post that you saw that person in the queue and want to meet up. Who knows, maybe they'll see it! You might get lucky after all!

Or maybe you'll get some smug British man making fun of you.

One rule - I never reply to the posts, these Craigslist people don't need encouraging. Don't encourage them either, unless you're genuinely the person they searching for.

After indepth analysis of all the USA towns and cities (done by someone else, I'm busy! can't you tell?), the favourite by far is... Atlanta. My new best town ever. Let's get the ball rolling...

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