Friday, 16 January 2009

Friday Craigslist Missed Connections

Looking for a man from Wisconsin. Any man will do...
Wisconsin guys at the Eagle - m4m - 38 (Eagle)
You guys from Wisconsin are are hot, looked for you but you disappeared.

Women, show us your tits...
Whats upp pwoplw - m4w - 21 (????)
I had an idea. this is a missed connection. If you think you can quess who I am send me an e-mail. Breast pics accepted also.

This one has a very sweet title, but then he talks @nal. C*ck in to the hilt? Awesome...
I miss you, H - m4w - 58 (Stone Mountain)
I miss you H. You were so right, H. We had something great going on and i ruined it. Please forgive me. I haven't had great sex since you. You were terrific in everything. Your bl*wjobs were exquisite. When you sat on on my c*ck and went to town you blew my mind. And when you turned up your b*tt and allowed me to sink my c*ck in your @sshole to the hilt I went crazy. Don't know why I was so stupid. I have talked to your sister several times to find you. I still miss you and love you. Please write.

Please can someone tell me what being 'eiffel tower-ed' means? Things change so fast these days... Sweet poem though.
to the boy who eiffel tower-ed me last night at cenci (cenci)
i think you're really cute.
sometimes i get lost in your eyes.
you've got the moves.
and you've got this sh*t on lock down.
you ride bikes. and want a motorcycle.
which is pretty cool i guess.
your roomates are pretty awesome, and i like to hang at the burning tree and beat the sh*t out of guitar hero drums with spoons.
speaking of spoons, i hope there is still some cake left so you can feed it to me later. you're my lucky # 13 even if you are a bit of a jerk sometimes, but hey.
we all have our flaws. yours is that you like me.

to the point...
to the person who wrote my phone number on the bathroom wall at soco
i hate you.

Chocolate Thunder. I will say no more...
the BIGGEST LOSER casting call several months ago at WILD BILLS - m4w - 34 (GWINNETT wild bills)
we stood in line you were right behind me once we made it inside we were selected for the same tryout group anyway i forgot your name but you said your nickname was "chocolate thunder" you turned me on i wanted to ask for your email or phone number but i was just too shy we talked and laughed but i didnt make the move if i could meet you again i'd like to make the move this time you told me everyone needs some chocolate thunder in there life and i thought to myself, yeah i'd love some chocolate thunder all over me you were tall and so am i you were sexy and so am i i felt chemistry but didnt act on it i'd love to spend some time with you i've been craving your chocolate. tell me who i was there with and i will know its you
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