Friday, 20 February 2009

It's all about Craigslist quality, not quantity

I've been slack so no posts for a few days, but sometimes even I have things to do. That's a lie actually, but anyway.

Throw the net out! You're bound to get one eventually.
M4W Cute asian girl....
Attention all cute asian girls. If you noticed a young tall attractive white guy checking you out it was probably me. Send me a message. Thanks

A great revenge tactic, except now you've told him your plan! Silly moo.
Chayns - w4m - 32 (FM1960)
I am not going up there tonight. However I will be there Friday night, after I have dinner with my girlfriends. I need to talk to you!!! I heard that you are married! Is it true??? If It is true I all can say say is that you are a dirty bastard. I will get you back. I am going to fuck a bunch of men, and then make you eat my pussy! You asshole!!!

Amateur public masturbator can't get a phone number AND cum. These losers make me sick.
you couldn't stop looking - m4w - 19 (houston )
you cought me masterbating at the park and I didn,t notice you at first and when I did I couldn't stop. You watched me cum and then you smiled and just walked away. I have gone back several times but have not seen you sence If you read this email me

I've cut this one short because it's long long long. But what a great catchphrase...
All Lovin No Oven - m4w
Me: normal guy in search of a tasty frozen treat, but nothing typical. Prefer a bit of a song and dance along with lots of mixens. You: the tasty frozen treat with lots of mixens. Location: US 1 between North Palm Beach and Cold Stone Creamery Situation: When I was first presented with the opportunity to delve into the delectable delight more commonly known as 'All Lovin No Oven' I couldn't help but get carried away in the fantasy of Cake Batter Ice Cream, Cookie Dough, Fudge, and Whipped Cream. So with eager anticipation, I wait for my tasty treat.... and that's just it; I wait. AND WAIT. Oh, why have you forsaken me!? I have pledged my allegiance to you several times even when being open about our relationship caused me to be ostracized and outcast; a leper of the frozen mixed treat world! I must also confess, that I take even more pleasure in knowing that a pimply faced teenager took such pride in crafting this parfait perfecti... O SHUT UP FOOL.

My new 'I wanna fuck' line.
Need a nut like yesterday - m4w
just need to get off smme if you a cry baby dnt reply! I wanna beat it like a cop so if you want the same hollaa!

Gingers are gradually becoming rare. Which is a shame if you're the red-loving dude below.
Heretic Friday Night - m4m - 30 (Cheshire)
Enjoyed rubbing on that big package and seeing those red pubes. Who was the nelly guy with you though. Are you a couple? Available on teh side?

So many things to think about here. Valentine's Gun Show? With your mother? Next week he'll be posting that he's the guy 'with the uzi, shooting up your college, I'm the blond one'.
Valentines day gun show - m4w
I was the guy in his 20's I was there with my mother u were working the ticket booth and I wanted to chat and see were it would of gone u are very very good looking I was probally the only guy there that age I have blond hair if that helps your memory

I like a he-she with a sense of humour. Great band name too!
SkeletonDickLiveAtRudzThursday - m4w - 22 (Rudyard's Pub on Waugh)
I think I saw you on THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 19 AT RUDYARDS PUB at the SKELETON DICK SHOW. You bought me a beer. I was the one with the pants and the hair. You were female. If you are still female, please reply. If you are no longer female, please buy some duct tape and reply. Awaiting your DNA...

And finally, I'm a miserable cynic. The nice guy stole it, woman get a grip.
Scooter Crash Tuesday Night 10pmish - w4m - 30 (2nd and Market)
You held me. I was unconscious but only briefly they said. I dont recall much. other than some stranger holding me from behind cooing that everything would be ok. i cant tell you how comforting that silly statement was - over and over, 'you are gonna be ok.' once i got in the ambulance i dont recall seeing you - so here is my virtual thank you, in the highest form of thank yous. and since i am here, here is my 'go fuck yourself' to the douche that stole my cell phone during this horrific ordeal. thank you for adding to the difficulty.

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