Monday, 2 February 2009

Craigslist Missed Connections Monday

Lady feels a missed connection with a convict, in a chain gang on the side of the road. Seriously, you can't make this sh1t up. Unless they actually do. I hope not, the 'impale my heart' line is too special.
Chain gang on 45 - w4m - 25 (Huntsville)
I passed you guys yesterday while on my way back to Houston after visiting my boyfriend. You were holding a trash bag and a pointy stick (to impale my heart?). I was going about 60, but slowed down to check you out. Let me know what color my car was so I know it was you. I liked your jumpsuit, but I think it would look better on the floor of your cell. Put me on your visitor list. Let's get to know each other... conjugally.

My favourite today. A novel compliment.
Mason - w4m - 20 (Hollywood)
You're fucking hot. Deal with it.

If I don't get drawn nude in the next hour my f*cking HEAD WILL EXPLODE. HURRY WOMAN, HURRY.
i want you to draw me nude, or just your company. please let me know where you are.

Free hooker? Sorry, free racist hooker.
montrose clinic hooker - m4m
he still works there he will be the first one you see when you walk in and if you are black he will give up his soupy a** for free.

This was a response to a number of ads and replies about whether you can really love a stripper. I think this person summed it up well.
RE: Who falls in love with a stripper? - w4m - m4w - m4w
Strippers are people too. I for one love my strippers.

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